Putin Making Up Numbers In Ukraine

Putin Making Up Numbers In Ukraine

In the fight and war news Putin’s Russia announced today that it will try to get an additional 300,000 personnel to join the fight in Ukraine.

Conscription, so they claim.

Furthermore Putin even said that there is only 6000 Russians lost in the war so far:


This is not actually true though.

They are simply making up some of those numbers.

As regards Russia, the real number of total losses to Russians in Ukraine is well over 55,000+ at this point.

Here are the real numbers as of this morning:


Also, that 300,000 number is not going to happen.

As it will take civilians and prisoners (both not trained for this type of combat) to be released.

Many of whom don’t want to go there.

As current servicemen for Russia are also fleeing Ukraine at the moment.

On top of the fact a huge amount of the Russian population — Google have shown — are currently searching for ways to escape Russia.

Mostly fleeing to Switzerland which seems the last place they can go.

More or less.