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Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity

This morning it was confirmed by Russia that their current leader Putin has said he is happy to use nuclear weapons as effectively, doing so, he has brought about World War 3 in the modern warfare world sense this morning by saying:

‘NATO States were saying that there might be a possibility and permissibility to use nuclear weapons against Russia. Those that allow such statements should be reminded that our country also has weapons of destructions and with regards to certain components, they are even more modern than the NATO ones and if there is a threat to the territorial integrity to our country and for protecting our people, we will certainly use all means available to us, and, I’m not bluffing. Russian citizens can be certain that the territorial integrity of our motherland, our freedom and independence shall be secured. And I will stress by all means available to us. And those trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons, they should know the tables can turn on them.’


Talk is cheap.

No good.

Hit him twice as hard now for that.

The world needs to continue to unite East and West against him and stand up to him.

He’s on his own.

Evil loses.

Darkness loses.

Light wins.

Good wins.

The world will be on the right side of history as they continue to stand up to Putin.

Most effective way this week quickly though is more weapons for Ukraine.

More financial hits in nations like Switzerland or other places Russians are fleeing to at the moment.

Germany in particular must make the appropriate next steps this week against Putin and Russia.

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