Mike Pompeo Points Out Big Biden Mistake Ahead Of Midterms

Mike Pompeo Points Out Big Biden Mistake Ahead Of Midterms

Recently President Biden although seemingly trying to unite America, did in fact the opposite.

The leader of fight nation USA essentially divided the country in half and 2024 contender Mike Pompeo went into it recently in some good analysis:

Inclusive and inclusion should mean taking on board all people’s views and beliefs and living in peace and prosperity even if you don’t agree with them.

Surely that is what true freedom of speech is.

That includes people Biden has assailed unwisely this year.

All lives matter.

Socialism too near communism and proven time and time again doesn’t work.

It has never worked, only partially in some aspects in some countries for healthcare and so forth.

Democracy and capitalism the best system humans could find ultimately and equality can exist in that.

Best case scenario is we can all just improve and do our best for one another.

A little more.

One day at a time.

It’s that simple.

Each to their own views.

While all politics is garbage and too hard to understand, one thing is clear.

Very clear now.

America needs a change.

Peace, calm, reason and logic is all the Republicans need to continue to do.

Nothing more.

Surely more needs to be looked at how the fentanyl is getting from China through South America, Mexico and more to America.

Indirect attack on America in many ways.

The world’s most dangerous drug reportedly.