Germany Make A Good Point On Russia Ukraine Fight

Germany Make A Good Point On Russia Ukraine Fight

While some have harshly perhaps upon analysis given the Germans a harsh time over the Putin invasion of Ukraine never underestimate the Germans.

For their ability to do the right thing and do good that is.

Germany spot on here at the UN about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (in some parts) about Putin almost trying to create a world without rules:

Germany are going to play a big part on the economic side of ending this war, they just don’t know it yet.

Close off the borders to Russians in Europe until the war is fully over.

Stop the fleeing of Russians to Switzerland through any dark money networks there.

Germany can do this as the main economic power in Europe more than anyone.

Closest to the war in Ukraine geographically.

As well as get the EU thing to unite together.


Talk is cheap.

More action required this week.

On the fight news specifically they can ship more weapons too but hitting Russia economically is key.

Can’t have a world without rules and no law.

He’s right on that.

The other stuff on human rights and all that sure spot on create an inclusive world for all.

But that includes freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of politiical choice in any perceived democracy (which has never truly existed anyway).

Not just the people you don’t like.

Two way street.

Look at the failing Twitter thing for not adhering to freedom of speech for all in recent times.

That’s why you’ll see the right thing down in more companies for freedom of speech and not censorship moving forward.

You can have different views with anyone and agree to disagree on anything.

Peace wins.

Fear loses.

Light wins.

Evil loses.

Good wins.

Always has and always will.

The Germans obviously since the second last world war have had a difficult time wherever they go since Hilter and the Nazis and anti-Semitism.

This will be the opportunity for Germans to step up to the plate and do good for the world in what essentially is the third world war we are in now.

The modern warfare version.

Germany will be okay.

They’ll do the right thing on the Russia Ukraine fight.

That’s for sure.