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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

While France in particular have probably been affected as bad as anyone other than Ukraine, in terms of dramatic changes to the country this year, since the Putin invasion, the French President does say something right here however:

Yes no side behaves well in war but the fact is Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked evil manner, unleashing barbarism and animal like war crimes not seen since the second last world war.

Transparently so.

No more proof required.

It has caused mayhem for the world since with food, energy and emigration problems for all nations now.

You can’t stay neutral like Switzerland or Mexico.

They must choose the light or the darkness.

Light is Ukraine, the darkness is Putin’s Russia.

Close off tourist visas in all nations for Russians and Russian workers until the war is over.

Harsh but only way until the war ends.

Time to choose.

Light will win (and is every day as Ukraine continue to win the war) so advisable to stick with the winners.

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