China Pay Brutal Price For 2022 America Claims

China Pay Brutal Price For 2022 America Claims

When all is said and done, China in their attacks against America in the media, the tech world and more this year in the America v China fight, lost.

They lost a lot.

Now European business and investment is slowing down all the time and will do well into the future in China too:

Herd natural immunity for those healthy and not elderly proved highly effective indeed instead of the vaccines in the end and draconian lockdowns that China later brought about.

China also were hit by many natural disasters all at the same time.

Unfortunate, too, as Chinese people some of the best people you’d ever meet in life.

A small few in the CCP and others around the world showing socialism (the current Venezuela collapse) and Communism (very close to socialism) just didn’t work in the end.

It never has and never will.