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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

Quick update have finally managed to check in properly and see some more of Poland the last few days.

Other than AirBnB needing to improve their performance as a company a bit, great time in Poland so far. AirBnb and have come in for some terrible responses in countries around the world from hundreds of thousands of people these last couple of years. Shareholders and international investors into their stocks will withdraw all money and pull the investment until performance improves. Amen.

However re travel – upon analysis the most unscrupulous potentially criminal organization that needs immediate investigation into their practices and company owner is – amen.

A bit cold weather but that’s the expected in Autumn.

We’ve been researching all things Poland, amazing country so far Poland deserve good things to happen to them after all the support in the Russia Ukraine war for Ukraine turn on the lights:

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