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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

In the fight news and current war news at the moment more and more support for Israel continues to come around the world all the time.

Both from the East and West.

Latest being Turkey with President Erdogen who is taking a stand against antisemitism:

Top notch.


Only more of this will happen too surely as time goes on.

More and more in the middle East continue to support Israel.

On top of the huge growing support from the West too.

No reason why followers of Jesus Christ (all denominations — Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, non-denomination and all of them together), Muslims and Jews cannot get along.

With some remembrance of the Holocaust this week – the above a tremendous move.

As Israel just gets stronger all the time with both private business and worldwide nation government leaders (not just in the West but way more in the East coming on board now too) supporting Israel all the time now.

Of course this isn’t to say Israel is perfect.

Nowhere, nothing or no one is.

And any at all heavy handed or wrong treatment of Palestinians or mistakes by Israel needs to always be corrected and disciplined.

There is a balance to everything after all.

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