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Russians are fleeing to Switzerland at the moment see this latest development:

What the heck?

Only after last Monday four of the Baltic border nations to Russia ending all Russian tourist stays in their nations.

The continued killing spree and corpses pilling up are not just in Ukraine.

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But in countries around the world.

All in some way indirectly effected by what Putin started this year.

Who are now also effectively involved in the war.

Due to its modern warfare nature.


All need a resolution to it.

That much is clear.

While the world has done quite well together in recent times two nations could do a lot more to end it.

France and Germany specifically.

Being the biggest countries economically near where the war is happening that is.

They have more cards than others to play therefore.

Play them.

Welders and steel fabricators in France appear to have found innovative solutions recently to the energy crisis in France.

Same with going to other nations other than Russia for energy.

Germans making appropriate deals too.

Saudis will supply more oil for Europe too.

More drilling and production needed elsewhere too.

Don’t fold to Putin.

Following four of the five Baltic nations stopping all Russian tourists from being in their nations this week – France and Germany must follow.

Switzerland appears to be the last door to close off.

By both the East and the West.

France and Germany can make this happen right across the EU swiftly.

This week if they wanted to.

Estonia something similar recently also. See how quickly four of the five Baltic neighbors did this to Russia this week.

Look life isn’t fair and obviously many good Russian people will be affected by this but Putin must be held to account.

Surely the Russians will also do so on their side in Russia the longer it goes on for them.

They’ll break just like the rest of these humans and politicians do.

They always do.

Many of these politicians only care about money and power but ironically they have no power anymore.

It’s always the same thing with some of these individuals.

Maybe create the European army then instead of NATO for all nations in Europe who want to be in it and let Ukraine into EU and that solves the Russian security concerns on NATO.

That’s how you end it diplomatically maybe.

Russian speakers then in Ukraine can go to Russia if they want.

From a fight news point of view recently.

France and Germany can get the EU to act as a team with partners around the world against Russia, China and India (to a lesser extent).

Who have indirectly supported the war effort.

France and Germany should not be bullied by any influence in Switzerland either with stupid politics and money.

Remember Switzerland are not in the EU and it is your countries and people who are suffering, France and Germany, French and Germans are getting hit more than anyone — that are effected brutally other than Ukraine most by this Putin war.

Not a few elites in Switzerland.

Stand up to them France and Germany.

Together France and Germany are much more powerful than a few elites in Switzerland.

They could care less about you as the Swiss have their own economy untouched from all this pretty much.

France and Germany need the EU, the United States, South America, Middle East and more in the East, much more than than they need the Swiss.

The world also needs to examine Switzerland.


Where many of the financial elements are often hidden.

Not potentially just in this war but in all wars.

They have their own legal system.

Examine it.

In all aspects.

Go after any links to the Russia Ukraine war and any other dark money too.

Switzerland are not effected by this war at all seemingly?

No one talking about that?

Pretty much every other nation is in some way.

Why do you think that is?

Go after them.

Turn on the lights on the small few in Switzerland who could in any possible way by concealing dark money in their financial or international banking system.

It’s only the right thing to do.

Switzerland appears to be one of the last doors to close off in this.

Good people the Swiss nothing against them but the above from within Switzerland itself sheds light on potentially a small few elites.

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