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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

When you take it easy, sit back, relax and silently observe all the mistakes the small few bad guys in the world made this year, it’s easy to see through it really in the fight news.

It’s all stunt. India made a big mistake in the fight news with this:

The spiritual unseen world is in fact actually the real world and controls everything.

Call it what you want – bad vibes, energy, universe or whatever.

When you look at pretty much straight after Putin invaded Ukraine this year — in one of the most barbaric wars ever, some things happened in the fight news.

It’s all just bad energy.

Simply fight back by simple prayer as your weapon maybe by saying something to the effect ‘In the name of Jesus Christ hit ‘whoever’ the spiritual enemy is back twice as hard double the curse they might be using on you or your loved ones.

Just see what happens.

These morons this year in the fight news might have been planning all this to the world for thirty to forty years and they got undone and put down in about six months?

On the international side just on energy and the universe, whatever your beliefs are.

These bad vibes, energies and universal forces seem to hide in a number of places in different countries upon forensic examination in different nations. Sometimes but not limited to international food chains, college students in universities, airport and train station staff, international clothes shop chains, international bar chains (big franchises not as much local business).Also sometimes but not limited to building structures that could be old in different nations where they communicate with one another mostly by electronic devices. Similar how the pandemic applications for track and trace (all a big scam as part of ultimately to control even person in the world by some strange global elites who are unelected) were used a lot of Chinese manufactured devices do in fact monitor conversations even if the device is power off. Same with platforms like WhatsApp and Tik Tock. Get rid of them. They seem to also sometimes leave one another, these bad vibes and energies in a very (very) small number of people — leave sometimes fake reviews for one another on platforms like and Airbnb. Sometimes what they do is communicate with one another weeks in advance to get one of them to stay at their accommodation but never naturally or organically a lot of times book (they know one another already hence fake reviews that the public don’t see same on Google reviews). It is up to companies like the above (and Google and Yelp reviews) to examine the relationship between advertised properties and/or said listings and customers — more synthetically — to see how they know one another. They are not the organic, real, natural reviews they claim if they already know one another? Establish how the reviews came about, therefore. Giving the market place more of a fair balanced viewpoint. Close all doors and make the world as small a place as possible. Be kind to people but not to the bad energies and vibes and systems that unfortunately some of these people will now pay a price for. Turn on the lights on all of the above mentioned.

Good people stood up to them and took the power back from a small few tyrants this year.

Quite quickly in the end.

See what happens your enemies then after something along the lines of the above. Wish them well but the above only in self defense and protection, nothing more.

Trust us, after the above, it doesn’t go well for them then.

All these politician clowns are just breaking and folding like match sticks, easy.

In a screwed up, twisted, dark world for a small few, there is much more real light there that exists.

As the right thing to do takes over in the world and turns on the lights on the left thing (whatever that even all means), and wrong side of the spectrum, and rightfully (not wrongfully) takes back the power in the world, it is not always as clear cut as you think.

Politics is just some pathetic now defunct social media construct that bad energy of the universe made up.

Nothing more.

They just try to copy everything and fail at every single turn at doing so hilarious to sit back and watch the small few bad guys in the world fall to ruins ?

It’s not too late though for them to do the right thing.

We’ll see.

Yes, you’ve got almost two hundred nations on Earth and a few might sell out for the money but in the end from a fight news point of view only China and India were the ones sending troops to Russia for military drills.

Plenty more people and countries to do business with.

Can’t do business ever again with China, Russia or India.

No way.

Of course there’s great people in these countries but their small few stupid, incompetent leaders, alongside morons like the Pope, a few thousand maybe – scared, terrified evil bad energies or vibes in the world — who are quiet now and running for cover everywhere they possibly go.

They simply can’t escape now as the world is such a small place for them now.

And they have no power left at all.

A small few were responsible for all the crap in the world.

Always have been.

No more though.

Turn on the lights on India and show them greed and sending fighters and troops for military drills to Russia, as did China, during the worst war in history, was unacceptable.

Game over for them now.

They are gone from world democracy now.

Way, way more good people in the world of course and there’s something for everyone but life doesn’t owe you fairness, or jack nothing, nor your family, business or friends.

Students and young people need to start a revolution away from the crap and woke politics of the last 20 years or so and kick off the revolution worldwide.

Don’t mind the above three countries’ ‘leaders’ of their fight nations.

Get rid of them if they continue to be barbaric – China still not addressing the treatment of the Muslims in China also.

Hopefully that Mexican President doesn’t get stupid soon and join any of that crap either or they’d get wiped out within seconds and you’d see millions of Mexicans fleeing Mexico over night.

Do the right thing.

Make the right decision.

Stick with the winners.

There’s more to do business with than just those three fight nations’ leaders at the moment.

Good people around the world need to fight back.

As the right politicians, businessmen and the right leaders in every country find the correct balance and take the power back before the end of this month.

In pretty much all countries.

Respect for everyone is a two-way street.

You can agree to disagree, isn’t that what freedom of speech and democracy was?

Ask soon to be burned to the ground company Twitter about that.

Their incompetence has cost them a lot of jobs and investment this year.

The appropriate lawyers should end them and start a new tech companies from all the obliteration that is left when better workers, businesses and tech is formed.

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