Watch: Joe Biden’s Anger Works Against Him

Joe Biden's Anger Works Against Him

Joe Biden as the alleged Commander-In-Chief of America in the fight news pertaining to the various wars going on — seems to be getting more angry for some reason.

This seems to show how again is currently working against Mr. Biden at this particular time:

What is up with him?

Why he is he so desperate for votes?

Why won’t he go after Soros and co as regarding his cohorts that have poisoned America with their lobbyist groups and special interest groups?

United you stand divided you fall.

It’s the oldest trick in the book this Soros guy pulled on America.

Divide and conquer is an old game — the likes of which America should be smarter about.

Look into the legality framework of some of the paper trail — not just follow the money.

But formations of LLC corporations for different special interest groups that will trace back to Soros eventually.

Who bought off what DA’s, judges, officials and more.

In different States.

Different clauses that omit State to State laws – or where maybe sometimes some laws from different States can supersede one another.

See how they did it legally, not necessarily always financially.

They could have done it quite cheaply and sneakily to avoid detection all this time.

Go after them.