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Putin Getting Left On His Own In Russia and From Every Country By Russian Citizen Exodus

It has been well over six months since the Putin Russian invasion began of Ukraine.

No one thought Ukraine would survive let alone thrive and begin to win the war like they are now.

Their President is holding firm with his steadfast and universal values of protecting their nation and how ironic as politicians around the world panic now — that a former comedian in him turned out to be the real hero in the war news:

The Ukraine President has showed good longevity in the fight, as well as professionalism but also showed a human face that the terror State of Putin and his cohorts invaded.

No one perfect, as all humans are only flawed broken things, but the Ukraine President has stamped out corruption too during the war news too.

Showing good improvement.

Removing many bribed and corrupt Ukraine army and government people during the war.

Tells you a lot about him and Ukraine as a nation who will benefit from this war ultimately as they win it.

An inspiration to both the East and the West surely this year.

The other politicians from other nations and burning political establishment and bull system of the illusion of a world that doesn’t exist in many aspects – could learn a lot from him.

Of course the unsung and many everyday heroes and regular people in the fight namely Poland will never get the credit but heck of an effort from the Polish too:

The Unsung Everyday Heroes In The Russia Ukraine War

The Unsung Everyday Heroes In The Russia Ukraine War

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