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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

In the fight and war news this year following Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine all hell broke loose in the world for some reason after he launched the invasion.

These two points below from official sources on the Ukrainian Department of Defense websites and US Department of Defense site give updates on where things stand at present.

Here on the number of troops — which isn’t until January 2023 and there’s no way Russia can take these losses until then:

Those numbers for recruitment would be very hard to get too.

And, here this morning’s update on the Ukrainian Department of Defense site below.

Shows Russia are throwing everything they can and still are targeting civilian shipments — they are at their wits end as they are getting no return for all this money, loss and effort — they are burning through all their resources and assets in sea, land, air, cyber, foreign investments, loss of partnerships and domestic infrastructure with wild fires in Moscow:

Furthermore, the change in the atmosphere has also saw wild fires continue to sweep through Russia in Moscow in recent days.

This is going to cause hell on Earth for Putin and his small few associates.

Surely France and Germany could chip in a bit more in the sea war effort in Europe at the moment too.

In terms of more sea war vessels in various regions whether the Black Sea or others.


China Feels The Heat Against America

Watch: China Feels The Heat Against America

Otherwise you don’t think they’d try to pull a fast one on little guys like Bulgaria or Romania.

Don’t put it past a small few of them.

The losses internally to the domestic Russian market and international investments externally is catastrophic for Putin.

And his small few cohorts left.

While a blanket ban on Russian visas around the world might not be totally wise, perhaps a reduction in the number to a reduced capacity.

As well as more strict interviewing and questioning candidates.

See who is the best candidate. Go through as many offers as you want until you the best candidate. Name your price. Do what you want.

That way Eastern and Western nations get the best genuine Russian workers.

Tourist visas during an act of war might not be relevant anyway.

More unity of world cooperation in both the East and the West needed.

It is getting far more expensive for Russians to leave Russia.

Many of whom are good people unfortunately affected by all this.

If they ever go an a vacation again anyway or look for work or business opportunities in other nations, it will be difficult.

Maybe travel itself will just take way more time, be less vacation focused and be more expensive as time goes on.

Certainly in a modern warfare landscape like the world is in at present.

As The Moscow Times even objectively points out here right from Moscow even:


Ukraine President Ups The Pace In Bring About Russia Defeat

Ukraine President Ups The Pace In Bringing About Russia Defeat

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