Russian Losses Set For A Brutal Number

The Russia Ukraine fight has proven a tremendous battle with back and forth action since it started this year.

Tragic loss and devastation reaped on many people in many nations because of Putin.

Not just Russia.

Now, the Russian military, well the trained soldiers and not the civilians that they are trying to recruit now, even prisoners in jails in Russia are saying no to going to Ukraine, well, there’s nearly 50,000 losses:

50,000 souls almost.

Rest in peace.

Look at the stats for weaponry too.


This war is only a fraction of how bad it can get for Putin and his cohorts though.

Just ask China.

They can’t help Russia anymore either.

Putin’s Russia that is.

He and a small few cohorts are very isolated now.

No war is always preferable but if evil forces enact war good must put them down.