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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

It is interesting all the money over the years Putin had behind him and that’s he’s burned through so much of it this year — has had little to minimal impact on the war.

This latest intelligence report from Kyiv Independent (hat tip great publication) suggests the stark reality that is in front of Putin and his small few associates now:

All that trauma, all that killing, all that mayhem, havoc, and continued pain he is causing various nations at the moment.

And for what in the end?

Now he gets nothing.

He knows this as he’s giving free passports to those in Ukraine who want to go back to Russia to live.

Fair enough if some want to go.

Let them go?

Maybe he needs a new minister of general mayhem though.

His generals need to ask themselves, why take orders from this guy?

He’s gone through billions, planned this thing for over 20 years likely and just ran into a brick wall and nothing is happening now?


Zelensky Goes On The Attack In Russia Ukraine Fight

Zelensky Goes On The Attack In Putin Russia Ukraine Fight

Where is the honor anymore in the madness?

He can’t win?

It’s impossible.

If indeed there are those in Ukraine that want to go to Russia, this is the best solution then for the end for all?

As Russia move back to Russia then and separate from Ukraine completely on a passport, border and business level.


The Unsung Everyday Heroes In The Russia Ukraine War

The Unsung Everyday Heroes In The Russia Ukraine War

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