Pope Francis Makes Concerning Move In Russia Ukraine Fight

Pope Francis Makes Concerning Move In Russia Ukraine Fight

Catholics great people and plenty of great Catholic churches — but as an individual the current Pope from the Vatican, originally from Argentina — is getting a real beat down this year.

For some reason poor old guy was in a wheelchair recently.

Lost some of his health.

He needs to shut up more and concentrate on less war talk and travel.

Stay where he is.

And shut up.

Nothing against him, not to condemn or judge him, who are all of us mere human beings to do that to anyone.

But these remarks from the current Pope Francis on the Russia Ukraine war have caused concerned by Ukraine and nations around the world:


Wrong move Popey.


The only way for this havoc for the world to end is to drive Putin back from Ukraine back to Russia and hold he and a small few war criminals in his cohort legally resposible.

At The Hague.

The sooner the better.

Let whoever Russians in Ukraine go back to Russia then to solve the war.

Are they not able to get Russian passports easily now anyway in Russia?

There you go.

Problem solved.

The revolution for the new age and world can start then and good times will just keep rolling after that.

Not until Putin’s cohorts desist from Ukraine.

Have a great day.