Fear Grips China In America Fight

Fear Grips China In America Fight

The US vs China fight this year in the fight news has been multi-faceted in the modern warfare fight news.

Outside of boxing and combat sports, the fight between the two nations showed up China for what it was.

A bully and coercive thug.

The CCP party that is.

US business confidence is dropping all the time in China:


The Chinese illusion of being so powerful has been dispelled this year.

The spell has been broken.

They always talk the talk but in the end never do anything.

Time and time again.

The havoc being inflicted upon them is off the charts.

Fires, floods, economy wipe out.

It’s all happening at once for them.

They are cursed.

Chinese great people of course.

Some of the best, mind.

Pity about the CCP though.

You’d have pity them at this stage.