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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

Chinese good people but unfortunately due to their President and CCP piping up this year aggressively they have found that actions are more devastating legally than their words.

The loss in their country at the moment is almost unquantifiable as we speak.


The Smarter Thing To Do With Russian Visas In Europe

The Smarter Thing To Do With Russian Visas In Europe

Much worse than anything they could have imagined.

As China’s economy is about go go up in flames, fires across their nation set in, floods sweep their land, their sea war merchants near Taiwan can be destroyed at any time next.

Likely resulting in the loss of thousands of Chinese military personnel’s lives as further necessary causalities of war.

Until they back off Taiwan – otherwise take them out too:

Russia can’t help China as they would be totally destroyed. Far worse than what is happening to them in Ukraine.

They can’t help China now.

Which they are getting far worse than China, in fact, in the business side of the war and fight news.

The fight news is showing tremendous promise in terms of the enemy being now totally defeated.

Let’s get it.

By nations in the East and the West in the war news.

Around the world.

That’s war for you.

War and fight news that us fight fans have been watching carefully in recent times.

The other nations that are not been reported on in that region (not just America and UK) should move as many sea merchants of war, warships, war vessels into Taiwan too all at once today.

The world needs to come together as one and surround Taiwan in protection and move in on Russia’s unjustifiable war in Ukraine.


One Of Russia's Largest Bases In Melitopol Eradicated

One Of Russia’s Largest Bases In Melitopol Eradicated

These are the two key points of the war news and fight news at the moment.

If these nations move today they can protect and defend Taiwan and protect their territory indefinitely with the alliances protected by the alliance in that region protecting them.

Grab the sea borders today in that region and station as much as wisely and appropriately needed.

China will do nothing against so many nations surrounding Taiwan in that region now in their defense.

Permanently stationing a vast majority of nations of the world East and West there in Taiwan.

Stationed there and not moving.

So the CCP can never do anything again there.

Nor threaten Australia either.

Or others in that region.

Easy work.


Another American Official Visits Taiwan Dispelling Chinese Threat

Another American Official Visits Taiwan Dispelling Chinese Threat

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