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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

One of the most astute, precise and synthetic ways the Ukrainian President it seems has been able to do in recent weeks to good effect is identified bribed, paid off, or otherwise deemed traitors of Ukraine.

Across the board.

The latest alleged traitor to pay the ultimate price of death being reported here:

That’s life for you.

Life isn’t fair.

It is what it is.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind they say.

Some of these Ukraine general and commanders are a bit stupid though.

While fighting on the right side they would want to shut up how they speak some times.

For their own good.

And shut up.

Less talk.

More professional killing.

More professional death.

This is war.

There’s much worse things that can happen to them than this war, of course.

As the world is finding out at the moment.

Ukraine are the good guys but some of their idiot army generals and commanders would want to get their heads screwed on.

And tune in.

For their own sake.

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