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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

Since Putin’s and his handful of associates invasion of Ukraine this year the world transparently went into freefall everywhere.

He seemed to kick off a chain of events that now cannot be stopped in the fight news.

He has shown no willingness to want genuine peace talks.

Every time he has he has simply used it as a stalling tactic to try to grab more land.

Which has not worked.

The only way for the world to get back to any sort of normality is for total military defeat of Putin and his associates around him.

Europe have finally gotten firm on him and every hour that goes by Putin and his associates live in a very small world now.

The world both the East and the West now more than ever need to assist Ukraine in doing this.

Not just to defend but to go forward.

And win this war.

And completely isolate Putin and his small few cohorts around him.

In what consensus in the East and West now agree is a terrorist State under his control.


The Smarter Thing To Do With Russian Visas In Europe

The Smarter Thing To Do With Russian Visas In Europe

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