The Well Dries Up For China

The Well Dries Up For China

China at the start of the year proved to be a key adversary for America in the fight news but as time has gone on — the vast majority of the East and West too.

Disputes over Taiwan and aggressive rhetoric towards Australia have made the Chinese Communist Party, alongside Putin’s Russia, the two enemies of the world.

In both the East and West.

Not only has China been put down in the financial markets but now draught has seen the biggest river in China dry up:

What comes around goes around.

A very small few cohort of alleged allies to the CCP and Russia have also for some reason seen the universe dish out some brutal justice recently.

Along with commercial players both in the East and West.

With banking partners and oil companies hitting India for instance very hard in recent days too.

Following attempted dealings with Putin’s Russia.

Anything Putin touches in any way now — continues to turn to death.

At a time of the unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine that has affected everyone worldwide.