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Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity


China vs America has been an interesting bout outside of boxing and UFC this year.

Only one winner in the end.

It turned pretty much into the world vs China after a while.

As China and a small few cohorts who supported Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine — by not condemning them and doing business with him — all continue to get hit hard.

As the roosters come home for them all.

One by one.

Now China are getting desperate.

Literally waiving debt for seventeen nations in a never before seen move — surely in recent humanity history at least:

The US should prepare to default on some of that Chinese debt too.

If China continue to go down this ‘salvage whatever is left’ route.

They won’t last.

Furthermore, that will end China’s currency value.

No rules now apparently from them, per the above — so it is what it is.

Speed of the essence, no time to waste.

Real desperation from the CCP above — who have been crippled this year.

As quick as they rose to success, in the end, they were taken down quite quickly.

In terms of the world stage.

In fight news terms, China are still a strong fighter in that region of the world, however.

They could still do a lot of damage to the likes of Taiwan and Australia.

On the world stage however they have clearly been put down this year and set way back as others continue to just forge ahead as always.

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