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Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity

In the beginning America and the UK proved to be the biggest help to Ukraine since the Putin Russia invasion this year in the fight news.

Now, the vast majority of nations worldwide in both the East and the West are onboard in the fight.

The world is behind Ukraine in all aspects.

Here, America’s latest heavy artillery, heavy hitters and firepower considerable to say the least to Ukraine with 45 types of weapons included:

Let’s get it.

They must go.

Getting stronger in support all the time to say the least, the above, clearly.

Armor and weaponry solely to allow the Ukrainians defend and protect themselves while conserving what they have.

Now, hitting first and reacting second, no thinking twice now, just hit and think later, in a now, more, aggressive-attacking type of defense on their land in the fight.

Decimating not only the Russian army in the fight news with more and more Russian soldiers doing the right thing now and going home — but also the fight is ending the Russian economy and future way of living.


Many good Russian people unfortunately and they don’t want that future.

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