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Putin Getting Left On His Own In Russia and From Every Country By Russian Citizen Exodus

America are a key part of the fight news in the world at the moment be it Russia Ukraine to China Taiwan and more.

The US President as the Commander-In-Chief of the nation (in theory on paper) relevant, therfore.

And, this — an interesting development on that Western and Eastern front:


As things take shape every day now more and more interesting things should be forthcoming in due course as the world turns on the lights as time goes on.

Every day now.

Interesting to see the shut down of Twitter happening faster as a platform and company quicker than some even thought.

One suspects the appropriate competent attorneys in conjunction with the appropriate capital allocation institutions, investment players, judges, courtrooms, board members, shareholders and entrepreneurs — know exactly what to do as the shut down of various companies, individuals, some nations’ economies proceeds at an expedited rate behind the scenes and in the new mainstream media.

But not before time.

In both the West and the East.

The term — always leave a bit of bread in the fishes’ mouth — comes to mind.

No need to ever turn on your A-Game.

Just nice and easy, the good guys around the world should just coast to victory with ease and enjoy the journey.

Good people of the world stood up to a few tyrants of all kinds this year.

They didn’t expect it.

Nor what’s to come.

In all the nations.

Who knows.

Certainly not us morons anyway.

Good always defeats evil and all us mere mortals and fight fans can do is only follow this fight news every day now with a keen sense of anticipation.

The true art of war when toying with evil is to create the fear in evil forces of the anticipation of their demise before they are actually ended, lawfully and, or, but not limited to appropriately, in one way.

Done so with ease.

No rush.

Alas, interesting above on Trump and Biden.

Hopefully an amicable resolution can be forthcoming and found in due course.


The Independence Day Today Most Thought Ukraine Would Not Be Celebrating

The Independence Day Today Most Thought Ukraine Would Not Be Celebrating

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