America Makes Biggest Move Yet For Ukraine Since Putin Invasion

Today marks Ukraine’s Independence Day six months on since Russia under the command of Putin invaded the nation.

In what was described as only a special military operation at that time.

Now today America have confirmed the biggest amount of support yet to Ukraine with this additional three billion dollars worth of weapons:

Substantial contribution to allow Ukraine to continue defend itself for as long as possible.

And as patiently as possible.

Putin had said before that it would be America’s fault Ukraine would fight until the last Ukrainian.

The reality however is much different.

The truth is the Russian army has taken generational losses.

Russian soldiers are leaving the war all the time.

Recruitment for new soldiers is proving near impossible for Putin.

As well as a brain drain of the smartest Russians leaving Russia this year.

On top of the fact companies around the world have permanently left Russia.

With sanctions starting to kick on Russia.

As well as Ukraine having the world behind it in the East and West.

The picture and art of war and art of death in the fight news is much different to what Putin thought it would be.