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In the big fight in Russia Ukraine Putin is learning a grizzly lesson as Russians in Russia continue to come for him and get closer to him one by one.

The latest in the news being one of his main ally’s daughters literally being blown up and her body parts scattered into little pieces in a car bomb:

That happened in Russia too.

Near where Putin lives.

Rest in peace to the young lady that was obviously a causality of war as Russians look to take out the ministry of propaganda father but reportedly the father switched car with the daughter.

Unfortunately this is what happens when Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

And provoke both the West and the East.

By invading Ukraine this year.

This is the result and reality of what happens.

Things can get much worse than that of course.

Far worse.

At the drop of a hat.

Easily without effort.


Blonde Bombshell Friend's Cat Grabs Attention In The UK

Blonde Bombshell Friend’s Cat Grabs Attention In The UK

Surely more of this carnage will come today.

And in the days ahead.

Until the Putin governance and a small few of those close to him somehow dissolves.

Putin is causing a lot of vicious deaths and savage killing in different parts of Europe at the moment.

Because of what he and have done this year.

Things can get a million times worse for them though.

No one knows it all but what likely you will see is some of these politician individuals and government workers fight with one another.

To save themselves before they go.

They can run but they can’t hide.

Anywhere in the world.


China and India Put A Target On Their Back In Russia Ukraine War

China And India Put A Target On Their Back In Russia Ukraine War

The temperature could surely get a million times hotter and more savage on them before the end of this month August.

The end of the summer.

And the end of a bloody, grizzly, traumatic summer in Europe.

Good people of the world stood up to a small few tyrants.

The tyrants didn’t expect how much it would hurt them and those close to them.

In the end.

As their body parts either get blown into little pieces.

Or bullets on the battlefield.

That’s the grim reality of the fight news and war business that is happening all the time now.

Ukraine will need to stay until the job is done.

That’s it and there is nothing more that can be done about it.

Until Putin’s structure is somehow dissolved.

Through any appropriate means.

Their is no hope for the good Russian people of the world otherwise with him there.

The Russia Ukraine war and fight news is a brutal business this year.

For sure.


Interesting Irish Individual Gerry Adams Makes US President Claim

Interesting Irish Individual Gerry Adams Makes US President Claim

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