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Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity

China a huge part of the fight news at the moment.

Lots of army fights and battlefield posturing recently from US vs China.

Now the current Pope in the fight news is siding with China:




Russian Army Run Into A Brick Wall In Ukraine Fight

Russian Army Run Into A Brick Wall In Ukraine Fight

The Pope on his own is causing havoc for Italy and the entire world.

His commercial premises and him are no better than any of us all.

No better than anyone.

Just make it like the rest of Italy.

No one better than anyone else.

What’s not to love about Italy and Italians.

Surely some of the best people and best country in the world.

Sure, even if you are moron like us who underestimated the sun in the extreme heatwave in the beginning getting minor sun stroke, minor third degree burns, then somehow pulling a foot muscle/spraining foot/toe joint ligament, put down for a few days now, even with all that, still amazing country and people.

As for the Pope and China above, no good.


China vs Rest Of The World Fight Takes Shape

China Vs Rest Of The World Fight Takes Shape

China have become a big part of the fight news in the world at the moment.

Popey gives it the big one about helping the poor but sits likely on a thrown of Gold bullions in his palace.

While the average Joe public in Europe suffers.

And burns to the ground in some places.

Death everywhere in some places in Europe at the moment.

Chinese good people of course but as regards the above from Reuters – can’t do business with the evil CCP.

No way.

Pope on his own there.

Catholics good people too.

Nothing against any of their churches.

But the Pope is on his own on the above.

Ain’t no hope for the Pope.

With respect, when it comes to him, the expression ‘May the bridges you burn light your way home’ comes to mind?

Light up the world.

Ultimately, Putin started something this year for Europe that can’t be undone now.

He won’t win the war against Ukraine but he did get his wish of Europe burning in many places.

He is really seeing the culmination of this now.

The temperature at an all time high.

At the end of August.

The end of summer.

The continent in some places literally pulverized.

Burning to the ground on fire.



Havoc being wreaked from what Putin did.

Putin got his wish in that respect, granted.

The Pope’s bad vibes and energy also pivotal to this along with Putin.

Upon final analysis, Popey is on a vigilante mission of his own.

Look, nobody perfect, everyone imperfect and makes mistakes.

Not to condemn or judge him.

We are only all mere mortals and human beings of course.

Simply turn on the lights of the world on him.

Light up the world.

Have a good Sunday.

Much love 🙂


Heavyweight Title Arrives In Middle East Might Offer Insight For Tiger Woods

Heavyweight Title Arrives In Middle East Might Offer Insight For Tiger Woods

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