Putin and French President Move Shows Pressure Putin Is Under

It would be appear in the Ukraine Russia fight that Putin is now sensing the intensity in Europe that was always going to come for him, and, in Russia for him – from Russians.

He will not escape.


Interesting Irish Individual Gerry Adams Makes US President Claim

Interesting Irish Individual Gerry Adams Makes US President Claim

Russia and Russians have been hit harder than they could have imagined with the sanctions which are now starting to kick in – this from Putin today shows he knows the game is almost up for him:


He’s not stupid enough to let an accident happen at that Nuclear plant.

It would take him out of the equation.

And much of Europe would be obliterated.

It will only hurt Putin the most, though, in the end.

The future of Russia with him as the leader is getting a smaller and smaller place by the day – with nowhere to run or hide for him.

Wake up Russia and Russians, you’re better than this.

Leave this fight behind.

It’s the right thing to do.

There is no future for the nation or its citizens with Putin’s small governance not dissolving somehow.