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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

For anyone, although its becoming a smaller and smaller number everyday, to still do business with anything China or Chinese related, and Russian or Russia related, now today clarification has come.

China officially along with India and some smaller nations unwisely sending army troops to Russia soon:

There you go.

How much more clear do you want it to get?

That might affect Indians and India business hugely adversely in particular worldwide too.


To actually actively send troops to Russia for military exercises a very slow-witted move.

That unfortunately puts Indians around the world in a hugely vulnerable position.

No good.

What are they thinking.

They still have time to save themselves and not help the Russian or Chinese armies.

Other countries like Brazil, Mongolia, Sudan and Belarus selling out for the economic side of things mostly.

Careful for now with others like Pakistan, Turkey and maybe a small few others treading a dangerous ‘neutral’ line at the moment.

Didn’t China say they were neutral in the beginning of the Russia Ukraine invasion? Now you see their real intentions revealed now today all along? You see? 🙂

No one knows it all but this is very obvious really.

If a bad vibe or energy from something, examine, investigate and take the appropriate action.

But to actually actively send army troops from China and India to Russia during the Ukraine war is a declaration of war against the rest of the world from those two nations in particular.


Russian Army Run Into A Brick Wall In Ukraine Fight

Russian Army Run Into A Brick Wall In Ukraine Fight

China of course no surprise.

There will be no nuclear war as that would destroy everyone.

Putin is not that stupid.

Nor the China President.

Despite them urging peace in the war this year in the fight news, you see now what they are all about??

Sending some of their army to Russia now after their economy has been ripped to shreds this year.

The UK, US, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Southern Hemisphere would all want to up their game big time now with the rest of the world.

Particularly the UK might need to look at that India link after the above today.

That India thing is a huge concern in this new element to the fight news in the world.

Think about it.

That will take some partners and allies off guard and of course the natural resources in India in trade deals now bleeding into this Russia Ukraine war.

Crazy stuff…

In terms of new positioning on the world map of their allies and partners in the different regions.

It is all setting itself up now.

How many more businesses in both the West and East need to wake up and cut off ties with China, Russia and now potentially India?

Doing business with any of the above three nations and the few other small ones now is a military and war fight.

Of course there are great Chinese, Indian and Russian people we all know that — but their nations are putting the rest of the world at risk.

Not just the West but the East too.

Not just a business, regulatory or humanity thing.

The above is a clear military move today sending troops to Russia in a time of war in Ukraine?

Alas, those nations on the above list are sending troops to Russia during one of the worst wars in history.

Battle formations against the rest of the world — East and West.

With those small few nations above.

It is going to end badly for them.


China vs Rest Of The World Fight Takes Shape

China Vs Rest Of The World Fight Takes Shape

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