China vs Rest Of The World Fight Takes Shape

China vs Rest Of The World Fight Takes Shape

If the Dragon of Satan being the Chinese Communist Party has indeed been blinded recently and severely hit this year, these two companies look like they have sealed their own fate with them:

Huge companies have left Russia permanently this year and more will soon too, how those two can support the main ally of Russia at the moment, the CCP, is reproachable to say the least.

Disappointing to say the least.


China Show Their True Colors

China Show Their True Colors

Isn’t it interesting how even innocent students pretending to be just innocent young students helping some criminal organizations, and so forth, have come under investigation recently in the use of not just Western tech IP and theft, but from other nations in the East too.

China of course are the main players of this (from within the US also).


China Taiwan Invasion Concern Zone Map Revealed In Sea Fight

China Taiwan Invasion Concern Zone Map Revealed In Sea Fight

It’s not America anymore its the rest of the world vs China, Russia and maybe 3 or 4 other nations.

That’s a small number.

Anyone doing business like the above with the Communist Party of China will end one way for them.


That new system they are working on for the financial system will fail too.

Companies like Tesla and Elon Musk recently, allegedly praising the Communist Party of China.


He came across as a good man who cared for humanity but not to be.

One thing interesting in the above fight too is this today:

Chinese tech companies looking to be made give data to the Communist Party, now you see what happens in Communism? 🙂

Some dummies never learn, including Elon Musk and some others.

What a joke.

It’s such a scam you lose interest and stop caring after a while.

Particularly when chumps like Elon Musk and a small few others sell out to the evil CCP.

America not perfect either of course and your seeing it all play out now in live time.

New Zealand getting attacked as an entire country at the moment, Australian leaders under heavy shut down investigations, other nations taking hits behind the scenes, America in pieces despite printing more money to stem inflation (which will not stop the rot and decay).

Let them do what they want but it will end in tears.

There are no easy answers to these solutions and it is maybe a more granular, dummy proof way of doing things needed to be explained to help some of these lost people.

With all the dark witchcraft, black magic, chump change voo doo crap, attempted curses which are getting reversed back on those cursing others, in the world, its no wonder that even though way more good people than bad, they are being swayed sometimes by the uneducated, dark forces of the world.

More waking up all the time though.

Nice to see.

At least Musk exposed Twitter for the doomed platform that it was, an advertiser’s scammed ad spend of a platform with bots and employees now under investigation as working as agents for foreign governments.

See how that one ends up.

In the end, China as a Communist Party will of course fail and have been, like Satan, blinded this year, so to speak.

How anyone can do business with them can’t be friends with the rest of the world.


Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention In The UK

Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention In The UK

No way Jose.

It will be a cruel few weeks ahead no doubt as the market adjustment really corrects itself.

Future is bright of course when it all resolves and reforms in due course.

China vs USA no more.

China Communist Party vs the world now.

Bye CCP.

The suffering they have experienced this year was overdue.


America Fully Supports Israel Right To Defend Itself

America And The Vast Majority Of The Free World Fully Supports Israel Right To Defend Itself Nothing More

Much more to come though.

They are on borrowed time now.

All in all, the whole narrative whether US and European main stream media has been annihilated this year.

See the vaccine things only being given to old people and sick people now by the end of the year.

Those pharmaceutical scumbags have been exposed now.

Profits on sale of their stocks off the back of the vaccines surely criminal beyond any lawful interpretation of white collar crime from some alleged government agents and private businessmen over the last 3 years.

What a joke of a situation.

Mainstream media well and truly is finished and done now.

No doubt about that.

See Putin complaining about being tortured and his army being toyed with now and the agony prolonged for Russia.

Who of course can’t win in Ukraine.

Maybe the strong guys should just stop toying with him now and put his army out of their misery and let them run while they still can.


What a joke of a narrative mainstream media had in this fight news this year.

Complete scam and shows what people see in the world is nothing more than an illusion and pathetic hoaxes in some aspects.

Waste of time and space much of it.

A lot of trauma and carnage this year in the fight news so far. France in Europe really suffering this year in Eruope.

Arrogant President had it coming to him.

What goes around comes around.

Much worse on the way for him and his nation though.

They are really burning to the ground in places in France at the moment.

Just like the old days.

No doubt about it.

At least boxing fans have a lot to look forward to.

Saw Mike Tyson back on the mend recently talking about Joshua fight soon.

Good guy Tyson but as he’s found this year the real world a lot more different than boxing and all the drugs and weed smoking stuff on his podcasts.

Things can always get much worse though.

This crap in the world is nothing really.

Some stupid humans just never learn and have to pay heavy prices to their business and or families/loved ones to see what is really what in the world.

And what is really going on.

In the unseen spiritual world.

Good winning now though!

Easy work.


Russia Makes Direct Claim Of US Involvement In Ukraine War

Russia Makes Direct Claim Of US Involvement In Ukraine War

Nice to see more boxing action to look forward to outside of the other fights for us fight fans.

Usyk vs Joshua difficult fight to call.

Many picking Usyk but Joshua will be up for this fight big time too.

Interesting match up.

No doubt these three fight fans will be tuning or catching up on the fight result – good to see these three inspirational geniuses of the world back in the lab? ???


A Russian Legion Finally Does The Right Thing

Russian ‘Legion’ Finally Do The Right Thing