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Son Of Boxing Legend Reacts To Fight Postponement This Weekend

Only thing that people like bad guys like Putin and followers of Satan understand and or not limited to, the liar Satan himself, is force and money.

Simple. Putin of a similar mentality. Seems like people in Russia all the time are getting wise to his game:

That’s from the Moscow Times themselves for goodness sake… They are already planning for someone else other than Putin. Putin knows it.

Seems like people are waking up more and more in Russia on the operations side per the above if you read between the lines and open your mind.

Putin’s Russia war is Satanic and evil. No matter what curses, weird evil witchcraft practices going on in the world, none of them work against good in the end.

Impossible to defeat God.

No one knows how it all ends in the future but what you might see whoever the anti-Christ, ‘beast’, ‘man of lawlessness’ or all the other names the chump has…

Is that he’ll show his true colors half way through a 7 year period after appearing to be ‘an angel of light’ type person like his doomed boss.

A creature after 7 seven years who will have no more after those 7.

This comes to mind for these times at the moment:

‘Stay sober and be mindful, Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.’

But God, like an eagle, right at the last minute, like he always has done since the beginning of all things, times and all creations, when dealing with evil, when it seems there is no hope for humanity in the future (no one knows the day or the hour), there will be hope.

God will make it so.

God will swoop down like an eagle and end the evil one.

No worries 🙂

Whoever this world leader individual is in our generation when he comes on the world scene he will be empowered to do all these marvels and bull stunts but don’t buy it for a second…

He’ll scam and con some people with some hoaxes and elaborate wealth backing him.

Alongside some puppet religious leader.

No one knows who.

No one will predict this accurately so no point in trying.

This global leader clown may be brought in from the old Roman or Ottoman empire.

He may do all these stunts in the beginning to help the world, sure…

But half way through a seven year period the world will know he is evil then.

Don’t take the mark of the beast around that time.

Even then for some Utopian socialism or communism giving you free groceries, housing or whatever system he will try to bring in.

It will be a permanent separation from Jesus Christ and God then.

God doesn’t think like us, he thinks very different about time, things and places.

This life and world is only temporary and will not last forever and but heaven and hell are real and are forever.

That’s the truth.

The guy in the future may pose as some sort of fake Jew or fake Muslim too.

But the real Jews and real Muslims all around the world will see through him.

After many die from extreme weather, maybe a comet will hit the Earth who knows bloody aliens for all we know.

There will be a huge revival of faith in God at that time.

While many will be willing to give their life knowing that heaven and hell are in fact real then.

As for this evil Putin’s Russia war, there are good people in Russia of course who are waking up there.

They have no future with Putin.

All the Russians that left Russia and soldiers turning back all the time.

From one of the most evil wars ever seen in humanity.

Turn back now while you still can.

For the love of God.


They won’t get many more chances.


A Russian Legion Finally Does The Right Thing

Russian ‘Legion’ Finally Do The Right Thing

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