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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

You know with the big fight news but with Europe and in particular, specifically mostly France and Germany getting absolutely obliterated at the moment, beyond belief, this does come into Russia Ukraine a bit:

Really, the battering France economically and the euro as currency too, seems to be getting in particular, is something quite extraordinary.

They need to work together more surely across the EU.

That’s why it has been shown to be quite weak now when you look at the currency being worth not much lately.

How those numpties didn’t let Ukraine into the EU way back when this is started was reprensible.

This is payback surely in the universe’s/energy’s terms of vengeance.

Whereby what goes around comes around.

Hopefully they can give one final push with weapons and support for Ukraine.

Get rid of the occupiers.

In the fight against Putin’s Russia soon.

Get things back on track for Europe then.

That’s the only way.

It’s been carnage and trauma everywhere in Europe this year for sure.

Could get much worse for them though if some of those politicians don’t play their cards right.

They should just get the armies in some of these countries to just get rid of the politicians and maybe shoot some of them as you could say that they are partaking in war anyway, are they not? Where shooting is happening anyway by allowing what is happening to happen.

One way or another all these EU structures and individuals they will all break as some suggested earlier in the year.

Every one of them and they’ll try to save themselves by fighting one another too but that will do nothing for them.

They can run but they can’t hide.

America for all its faults still has the one language for the most part across the continent which is mostly connected by land and the currency is the same everywhere.

Europe and EU not the same things as per the above which is why now the coordination and lack of robust protocol situations have come unstuck.

Politicians for the most part are no good.

No good.

A small few okay and good, sure, but in general, not good.

Seems like Ukraine are nearly over the line now and dispelled the Putin scam that they were going to win the war or ‘special operation’ in around a week when it started.


Ukraine are and will win the fight.

Some good upcoming fights coming up again also in boxing away from the bullets and numpties like Putin and President Xi.

Nice to see Italy start to smarten up a little bit also recently.

Saw that Luigi Di Maio individual said some were bullying him or his former government colleagues.

Shut up.

It’s not bullying.

It’s just a market correction that’s all.

Happens all the time in these minor recession things.

Talk with one another and all you stupid politicians need to get along more here in Italy or else.

So get along, have a cup coffee, eat some gelato and shut up.

Don’t want to hear any more negative attitudes or complaining. Oh but the unemployment is too high… Oh but we gambled with Italians futures…

Shut up dummy.

You know there is brilliant people from certain nations, some of the best people you’d meet, but some potential terrorists under investigation got into Italy at the moment and many are likely having to leave Italy soon. Turn on the lights.

Not only that, potentially for years they have also just used the Italian state while Italians had nothing and had to leave Italy.

It’s not a politics thing or nationalism thing.

It’s a family by family, business by business, individual by individual thing. And some small few of these, only a small few bad apples potentially, slipped through the net.

That woman from Brothers of Italy could be good for Italy you numpty.

People take advantage of Italians’ kindness too much.

Just like Irish people.

Say what you want about Biden in America, for all his faults, at least he is starting to do a bit more for veterans over there.

And now you see the mess in Europe with some that took advantage of it.

Good country, good people, good food, good weather.

So make the bloody most of it and get on with making Italy great again.

Or shut up.

Get along.

Stupid fight news hopefully this brutal war is over soon in Russia, which it will be too by the way, no worries.

It effects everything here in stupid Europe (in particular France and Germany) a lot because they are too scared of Putin.

No good.

As for boxing, we’ve got a lot to look forward to soon.

Course you have Shakur Stevenson vs Devin Haney coming up too.

Great fight.

Very interesting clash of fight styles.

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