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Putin Getting Left On His Own In Russia and From Every Country By Russian Citizen Exodus

The scams in the information of the world are now being debunked all the time.

As good has taken back power from evil.

The Putin’s Russia Ukraine war at the center of this hoax on information of course.

Now soldiers in Russia see through this and are now fighting with Ukraine:

Kudos. A kind word surely goes further than you know.

Light being turned on all the time.

Whether politicians, men of wealth or even college students or any profession, all followers of evil and Satan know the time is up now.

Every one of them will either see the light or be removed one way or another.


America Fully Supports Israel Right To Defend Itself

America And The Vast Majority Of The Free World Fully Supports Israel Right To Defend Itself Nothing More

No one knows it all but what you’ll probably see happen in the coming weeks ahead whether its Presidents’, politicians, civil servants, diplomats or anything, they’ll become cursed back for trying to curse God’s people.

Everything is changing in the world now.

Or you might see friends they once thought they had no longer are and they’ll fight one another amusingly ?

At the end of the day, they can’t beat God because their boss Satan has already been defeated (he surely doesn’t tell them that until it is too late for them) as God has secured the victory already 🙂

Surely they are finding that out at the moment.

All us mere mortal followers of God can do is our best.

And enjoy the journey as always 🙂

Evil lost.

Light won.

Fear lost.

Peace won.

Good has authority over evil.

Evil has no power at all anymore in this world.

Watch and see it all unfold.

It is going to be something spectacular.

No one knows it all.

Certainly not us or yourself.

God works in mysterious ways.

Going to be enjoyable to sit back, relax and enjoy the show lighting up evil in flames, pour some bleach on the fire and keep her lit 🙂

In our God’s time not ours trust God one day at a time and can’t go wrong.

Give Jesus Christ the glory and he’ll give you the victory.


Much love 🙂

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