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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Great win for Ireland’s Michael Conlan at the weekend.

Seems to be getting stronger in his professional career all the time under the UK’s Adam Booth.

Something Conlan said afterwards in his easy but workman like knockout interesting:

‘I had to get rid of a few demons tonight.’

Shows the strength of mind of the boxer. Brilliant win:

Demons certainly are real (there’s a million things that could be revealed about them easily but no point wasting time) and no matter who they are, even if they have children, are members of companies, governments and so forth, with their strange, weird evil spiritual practices causing all the problems in the world, that’s the root cause of all the problems in the world, they simply have to go. No restraint. They must continue to go all the time – in a healthy competition sense. Get rid of them is the best thing to do ?

One by one. Leave them in the dirt at this stage of the game.

Evil is losing in the world a bit more now, all the time, thankfully.

Politics is garbage and it is not as clear cut as some stupid moron politicians and media try to make dim witted, drugged up, dumbed down societies around the world think.

Turn on the light.

The spiritual world is the real world.

Good people have authority to toy and end the evil in the world of course.

Much more good people than bad in the world.

That’s where the hope for humanity always it.

Most of what we see is just an illusion and a big scam and stunt.

With the now always getting crippled and ended — systems and politicians of the world ?

Their own homes, wealth and personal security of them and their families not even guaranteed anymore now, or on their international trips in any country now, the clowns funny to see it in live time every day now?

They just want to bring in some socialism or communism and scam people even more down the line ?

The planet is a bit of a joke sure, in terms of legit democracy — but there is always hope however.


Always look on the bright side of life.

Glass always have full.

Things always get better in the end.

Turn on the light.

Nothing to do with anger or revenge from a sport sense for fighters like the above — just business, competition and justice as Conlan’s sentiment showed this weekend.

He’s on the right track.

Conlan showed once more why he is one of the great young boxers of this era and maybe the Shakur Stevenson fight will happen at some point.

Would be great if they can make the fight happen.


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Amnesty International Bogus Report On Ukraine Shot Down

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