For some reason this week there has been an awful lot of movement out of Turkey for some strange reason, don’t know why, in the Russia Ukraine war…

Basically they’ve played a blinder and got the grain going again in what was an evil insidious thing by Putin in the Ukraine invasion.

Kudos to the President of Turkey.

We had a funny old sense he’d do the right thing in the end.

Very good.

Just don’t think Putin is your friend because he’s not.

He doesn’t give a damn about you and wants to use your country for its natural resources.

Keep him at the end of the jab.

Toy with him in chess terms if bored.

Easy work.

Don’t let him get too close.

Flick him to a painful unfortunate one if he tries to close the distance in boxing terms 🤣

Keep him waiting at those press conference things.

That was brilliant the last time.


Stay on the right path.

Great news above.

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