Israeli Officer Makes Shrewd Point On Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Israeli Officer Makes Shrewd Point On Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine

A very shrewd, smart moves-informed approach, intelligent point below on the big fight news at the moment by an Israeli officer on what Russia’s resources really are here:

Very well.

Well spotted.


Hopefully more and more continue to pray for peace in Jerusalem.

It is starting to be shown now the absolutely tripe hype of Putin and his army was overrated in the end.

Way, way over rated.

A load of tripe basically.

Do us a favor.

For each a road for everyman a philosophy.

The current big fight news in the world sees some of the world evil in some time with war for humanity with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is hard to fathom what road he intended in taking before walking on it or what philosophy he had.

He was mistaken.

Some men just want to see the world burn.

But there’s more good — then bad — however.

Putin’s scam and exaggeration of his army (many of whom have in fact turned on him and more will) has come crashing down on him.

Ukraine are now winning the war.

If Russia could have taken Ukraine they would have done so by now, what kind of ‘special operation’ lasts nearly 6 months?

Alright then.

You know, most thought little old Ukraine would not last more than a week.

The longer it goes on the worst for Putin’s Russia.

Hard work and dedication required surely from all the good people of the world now more than ever but all hard work is easy work — if that even makes sense 🙂

Have a good day 🙂