Europe Finally Wake Up and Smell The Coffee On China

Europe Finally Wake Up and Smell The Coffee On China

China have been shown for some time not only to not have condemned one of the most evil wars in history in Putin’s invasion in Russia.

Finally Europe understand what some Chinese Communist intent (in some aspects not all — go through things one by one) all along:

But now also have the audacity to after not doing anything when US politician Pelosi arrived in Taiwan, cowardly so only after she left, to even now sanction US officials:–provocative–visit-to-taiwan/47805770

Crack him again.

Chinese people some of the best people you’d ever meet, they really are, but just one or two only of their bad apple Communist regime is coming to a rather unfortunate end this year.

In a healthy competition sense.

There is still time though for their President to reach out to the Ukraine president though to save himself and his nation, to try to end the carnage for him, his family, his people in China, Russia and the economy cut right across mainland China now.

Which is in tatters because of Communist actions this year.

If China are sanctioning American officials, just sanction them back, easy.

Europe are going to get hurt by China if they don’t unite as one more.

With the world East and West.

If the Chinese regime continue to support Putin’s barbarism.

That’s the reality of it for Europe.

Stick with the winners or loses.

Otherwise Europe will burn if the Communism and socialism comes over here in its purest form.

It will end in tears for Europe if that happens.

Do you want to do business with a nation supporting and not condemning one of the worst tyrants in history in Putin’s Russia invasion of Ukraine?

That’s up to them.

For everything a reason.