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Why Putin Really Invaded Ukraine

With respect, President of the US Joe Biden finally seems to realize the old saying a man who is a friend to everyone is an enemy to himself in recent days.

A stark contrast in tone and now clearly going on the offensive, putting his foot on the gas and pressing the action in the big fight news in the world.

Taking the fight to the enemy and winning.

Latest being this:

Currently the fight news in the world sees America at the forefront.

With the allies’ nations around the world against a small hand full apparently intent on evil agenda.

Not everything is clear cut though.

Have to go through things one by one in terms of the different sub dividing individuals or organizations whether government, NGO or private wealth.

Whether boxing, UFC or fight news on the battlefield, the world is in a state of tremendous fight news.

Hopefully more peace talks can be forthcoming in due course.

Yemen a great success story at one point in respect of that earlier in the year.

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