Interesting in the big fight news in the world at the moment in Russia Ukraine fight that Russian official government social media is now using this messaging:

How nations around the world still have embassies and consulates with Russian government officials is reprehensible.

Although more and more are getting sent back to Russia and blocked access from other nations by the day.

Look at the choice of words there above. The class system think about it. As regards money and power merchants.

Class system is broken now anyway. Same with the traditional political and media system.

This is the new age now.

In a time where many nations (not just America) around the world are realizing that smaller media and local politicians may have been paid off by Russia for some time, it appears the jig is up.

Momentum all the time growing and will do for Ukraine, who like anyone else, not perfect.

But were invaded by evil forces.

It has been shown beyond reasonable doubt at this point.

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