What Chinese Communism vs America Fight Leads To

What Chinese Communism vs America Fight Leads To

As the attempted expansion aggressively of the Chinese government runs into major roadblocks many boxing fans will know of a well known Chinese businessman Jack Ma.

Good friend of Filipino boxing legend and Statesman Manny Pacquiao, Ma had appeared in boxing news previously but now because of Chinese communism like many wealthy Chinese individuals, he’s moving on from China now it seems:

Nothing much heard from Ma but we wish him nothing but the best.

Shows you how logic flawed Communism (which socialism is only two steps away from in Marxisms’ flawed theories).

Whether Russian or Chinese wealth, it disappears once the dictator tyrants turns against the businessman.

Hence why it doesn’t work ultimately as it is only controlled by evil tyrants ultimately due to flawed human nature.

Every one, every single person in the world – is flawed and broken.

That’s all human beings that ever lived in history.

All of us.