Latest Chess Move By Kasparov On Putin War In Ukraine

Latest Chess Move By Kasparov On Putin War In Ukraine

One of the very bright minds of the world opining on the Putin barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine this year in the fight news — has been Chess Legend Gary Kasparov.

Latest chess move from Kasparov being these gems:

Maybe some good insight there.

On some points at least.

Ukraine have already shown the impossible to be possible this year.

Have they not?

More urgency needed perhaps in a united front, not just on Russia, but against Tyrants, who need to be stood up to, from the rest of the world, surely.

As for chess terms when Kasparov played the computer years ago, it has been some time since Kasparov faced the machine.

Man is not machine.

Putin and the Chinese President included.

Their war machines are breaking down, in many regards.

All machines are capable of being shut down.

As they are only man made after all.

Only flawed of course.

Just like all people, too.

Not 100 per cent reliable.

More good people in the world then bad though.

Much, much more.

Surely some of these tyrants are finding that out now in these war and fight news times…