Putin’s Russia Evil Ukraine Agenda Finally Revealed

This a short time now discloses full clarity as to the level of evil of Putin’s Russia invasion of Ukraine which has instantly caused worldwide disgust:

That’s that then.

Obviously the ongoing war crimes will be further brought to light.

All nations of the world need to turn on the lights immediately following the above.

Any nation doing business with Putin’s Russia after the above could be potentially liable for aiding and abetting war crimes at this point.

Surely all the Russian spies in Ukraine and paid off Ukrainians in Ukraine can be arrested by the international authorities too by entering Ukraine to do so at this point.

Surely the appropriate authorities of course will send the Ambassadors and staff of Russian embassies back to Russia.

Working as one together around the world after the above.

Putin’s Russia invasion of Ukraine surely on par with Hitler in World War II and possibly some of the war crimes even worse.

The evil is not even hiding anymore.

Turn on the lights on the above.

That clearly reveals everything about the big fight news at the moment in the world.


Mike Tyson Back In Good Spirits

Mike Tyson Back In Good Spirits