Watch: America Debunks Kremlin Lies Since Ukraine Invasion

As the days tick on the brutal devastation of the Russian economy and losses they withstand in all facets continue.

This tells you all you need to know:

Main thing to think about is how they might try to form an alternative to Swift financial system and dark finance channels to shift Gold sales or other sales as they can’t use their money that they have for most of the world.

Putin likely is trying to pay off a few small poor countries to set this up at the moment but overall won’t work.

The rest of the world would be better served doing legal trade deals with some of these small poor nations Kremlin are approaching and offer them better deals, while saving them from serious bother down the road from working with a war criminal like Putin.

Hague International court would want to speed up their efforts too.


How US Army Have Changed Since Vietnam Because of Countries Like China and Russia

How US Army Have Changed Since Vietnam Because Of Countries Like China And Russia