Joe Biden’s America Officially Enters Recession

Joe Biden's America Officially Enters Recession

Do not be deceived about the terms of what a recession is.

If an economy shrinks its GDP by two quarters in a row, consensus internationally acknowledges that as a definition traditionally.

That’s happened today in America:

Joe Biden is surely aware now of the old addage:

‘A man who is a friend to everyone is an enemy to himself.’

Sure, be friendly and kind to everyone.

But Biden is a typical politician and he unfortunately got lost in the sauce of the 90 per cent bull culture crap of the world to try to get votes and now he’s come unstuck.

None of it is real the former system that existed for politicians. Too many paid off judges and crime among politicians and civil servants. More good people than bad people exist though, alas.

The system of that has been failing is just an illusion anyway. Some sort of computer game matrix system of 0’s and 1’s.

Nothing more.

Much of these democrat politicians and policies now in America are coming undone in a time where they defunded the police, they may in fact now need to increase domestic funding for the army in America for what’s to come, unfortunately.

Certainly the US internationally still strong (dollar is very robust and will be for some time) but domestically in America, the market seems to be getting badly per the above.

Just a market correction like that chap Gary Vaynerchuk predicted would happen a few years back.