Latest Move From Putin’s Russia Shows Utter Panic

Latest Move From Putin's Russia Shows Utter Panic

In the big fight news since the Putin invasion of Ukraine, Russia have now confirmed something that shows a few things.

Firstly Putin is panicking.

He knows there is a million worse times things to come.

Although Putin said you can’t cut off Russia from a global world, that in fact is now what they are doing themselves — as they try to create home grown alternatives from the rest of the world cutting them off:

Putin’s Russia know they won’t win the Ukraine war at this stage.

That’s for sure.

The costs of it and toll are immense on the Russian economic future which will be one of oblivion.

Moreover, over 300,000 of the brightest and most intelligent Russians have already fled reportedly in a huge brain drain this year.

Not to mention losing your brightest people, a large part of your army and economy, Putin’s days are numbered.

The clock is ticking all the time.

Constant reports across the world now also state Russian families more and more want their relatives to remove themselves from the Ukrainian invasion.