Watch: Infographic Breaks Down USA vs China Fight

While we certainly hope and do not expect World War 3 what seems to have happened since the Putin Russian invasion of Ukraine this year, are that various fights between different nations seem to have broken out in different regions.

In the genuine now big fight in the news there are two fighters stronger than most.

China and America obviously.

Not just in the Taiwan region but in many different parts of the world China appear to be fighting with America and others more than ever.

This definitely is a power grab thing by them one hundred per cent but there’s a bit more to it than first meets the eye.

See below.

This interesting infographic compares the two fighters and expands on different independent schools of thought in a bit more of a fleshed out manner:

(Hat tip Infographics Show YouTube)

He brings up a lot interesting points there.

From a more factual, high quality journalism standpoint, outside of the tirade of abuse from the Communist Party towards America this year in the media.

Fact is Chinese domestic economy has been hugely set back already this year as a result.

But again though, China likely are trying to create a new system to operate outside of the current international system of economic trade and legalities.

That’s the thing you really have to think about it.

The actual systems of entire nations and of the world are changing now.

A lot of moving parts.

Study, research, think from different objective angles, repeat the process and pay attention.