Originally when the Russia invasion of Ukraine started this year it was thought that Russia would run through Ukraine in maybe a week.

That has not proven to be the case however.



Watch: China Hits Australia Hard

Watch: China Hits Australia Hard

Now, as the momentum tips in favor of the Ukrainians all the time, as the days go on — this report from CNN offers some interesting insight perhaps from a weapons perspective:



Hopefully some genuine peace talks can come about soon.

That said, only a day after a grain deal was struck for the wheat being used as a weapon in the fight by Russia, it was reported that Russia allegedly launched attacks on a port in Ukraine.

No good.

Hopefully things improve.

In the meantime, enjoy Sunday and hope all our readers enjoy their day, one day at a time 🙂

Even during these war times a lot to be thankful for whether the simple things in life whether the sun on your back, good people, good food, bit of music maybe, whatever, have a good one 🙂


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