Putin Reportedly Faces Internal Fight In Russia During Ukraine War

Seems Russian leader Putin was looking down to some sort of serpent creature to help him recently here.

He can’t help him now.

That’s for sure.

Too late.

Ukraine continue to gain back momentum in the fight from the evil invasion from Putin’s Russia and now Putin has this to contend with:


Something also many forget that for weeks before the war started — was that it was promised there would be no invasion of Ukraine at all.

That was clearly promised for weeks and then went back on.

Now, moreover, reports saying they want other parts of Ukraine and that it has changed their special military operation objectives.

Come on.

Do us a favor.


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If Putin’s Russia were to win in Ukraine (which they won’t) it would set a trend again for larger nations simply invading smaller nations.

Can’t happen.

Tyranny and evil are at its most heightened ever seen in the world at the moment.

100 per cent.

No worries though 🙂

When you look at all the heighted evil this year, and all the crazy stuff in the world, it all kicked off and got worse around the time of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out in the spiritual war world too — what’s really going on.

Good always defeats evil.

Ukraine is so important for the world in so many ways — as it could set the tone for what the new democracy in the world is.

Many don’t believe democracy actually exists anymore and really, you’d be hard pressed to find a fault in that logic and thinking with the current war zone and joke of a planet.

Ukraine can give the world hope that it does, though.

They are being terrorized in the worst war in history — in many aspects — at the moment.

The world must stand up for them now more than ever.

Seems the main thing they need is air defense systems.


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