Turkish President Must Do The Right Thing In Russia Ukraine Fight

The great, and tremendous nation, of, Turkey, are proving to be a key component in the current Russia Ukraine fight and ongoing potential talks.

They could genuinely bring about some peace talks as Russia continue — today and in the days ahead — continue to sustain brutal losses to their country, war machine and economy (in the big picture).


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Moreover, the grain that has allegedly been stolen according to widespread reports is something that many Turkish journalists in Turkey have highlighted, furthermore.

Now, even Sweden and Finland could be brought into the fight with Russia as per below.

The President of Turkey must do the right thing for Ukraine first and foremost but the below interesting too.

Turkey could be big winners if they play their cards right on this.

Could help them a lot particularly after their currency was nearly savagely destroyed last year at the drop of a hat.

We know they’ll do the right thing:

Let’s go Erdogan

Make it so.

Do the right thing.

All day.

Let’s make it happen.

You can help end this war and bring about maybe some peace talks, hopefully.

End the barbaric hatred and killing spree.

You can do it.

Of course, moreover, crucially, the grain and global food crisis in this fight too is pivotal here.

It will only be the poorer countries that will suffer most the longer this wheat and grain strategy in this fight is used.

Used against not just Ukraine — but against the world — by Putin.

An unusual fight strategy — to use food itself in a fight.

Not ever before seen in a fight, surely.

Not very nice.

To put it mildly.

Insidiously circuitous and evil — no less.


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