The Number 1 Way China Are Trying To Kill America and Americans

You have to read between the lines sometimes.

In all this fight news and war news.

Yes direct war is bad and no one wants it.

Of course.

But that’s not the reality of the situation.

China a great people but the Chinese Communist Party out of nowhere piped up this year against America in a calculated move.

Big mistake.

They want hassle and they’ve gotten more then they’ve bargained for.

Moves they made, in many ways, that ironically backfired on them but it’s more complex than you might think.


Cuban American Fight Beauty Hits The Big Time

Cuban American Fight Beauty Hits The Big Time

One of things not highlighted yet, but will be more in the days and weeks ahead, is the deadly drug fentanyl.

Probably the most deadly synthetic drug in the world.

Even worse than heroin.

Largely and primarily affecting America and Americans at the moment. Mostly.

Over hundred thousand Americans gone to drugs last year.

Probably a bigger number than that.

That’s conservative and the one reported across all outlets.

That figure will likely be much bigger this year though, think about it.

What’s the point of having a good country if people are dying to drugs and substances etc.

Apparently (per below report) it is coming in through the Mexican border which has turned into a world war zone for America not just from Mexico, but migrants from all countries and refugees breaking down the Homeland Security system who have had no support from inept President Biden.

Probably the number one thing that will see him and Democrats easily removed from office.

The national debt has not been reduced like Biden said and the big play will be who defaults first between the US and China on some of it.

That’s the really big one to watch for in this fight.

That’s for another day though.

For now though, apparently another evil way China are trying to attack and kill America and Americans is below.

What’s happening is it is actually being produced allegedly in China then shipped to Mexico according to this:


The US and Mexican army could easily shut these things down at airports, borders and other ports from China and just blow up and roll over the distribution points with American or Mexican tanks.

Before the deadly drug kills more people in America, Mexico and all the countries across the Americas, North, Central and South.

Look, some more people will probably have to die once the army in America and Mexico start going into these chemical points in Mexico and wherever else some in China are allegedly sending them.

To get to America and elsewhere in all the countries in North, Central and South America.

Weakening the region hugely in the fight against China and their long term play of Communism.

That’s just casualties of war to save more lives and and have a net positive result on more lives saved than lives lost.

After the tanks and armies destroy these few things you’ll actually save hundreds of thousands of lives in the big picture, which is a good thing, surely.

They need to stop the bleeding before that though.

Fentanyl should be the number one new enemy President Biden and the rest of the free world should be focusing on in this fight.

Outside of direct fight news, war and economic news, that is.

It’s easy to skip over how this drug, likely now the world’s deadliest and most lethal drug, has gone under the radar at the Southern Border in Mexico.

It has got lost amid all the chaos of the pandemic and now all these fights between different countries.

Some people not paying attention.

Another tactic likely from China to try to destroy and kill America and Americans.

And with the refugees and migrants at the border, too, moreover.

They really are trying to go after America and all Americans in every way they can think of.

It is all out war from China on America and America are not fighting back, even though they could destroy them and nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.

Just allocate a couple of billion to the army to blow them up in the different places of production and distribution.


Otherwise it will take America and actually, many central and south Americans — out of the equation this year.

This fight news is at the moment a tremendous match up but it is America can make it easier on themselves.

If they really want, it is no contest and will hammer China.

No worries.

You have to look at everything that is changing in the balance and favor of all aspects of war.

Not in the minor battles going on here and there.

Just drop some bombs from the air force also for good measure to blow up the chemical plants or distribution points.

Where this deadly fentanyl is killing so many people every day now.

Give them nothing.

Destroy them.

A new huge problem not tackled yet by Biden.

Or it’s going to get way worst with the cost of living crisis too.

Think about it.

Can you imagine the damage this drug will do as poverty hits America later in the year.

It is the number one enemy, this fentanyl, in some ways.

Then again, you could also legalize and regulate it and tax it as a new revenue source too, efficiently, as a net positive for America and other places in the world affected.

Then distribute it via official pharmacies and out smart the deadly mixes in it.

But before you do that, got to drop a few bombs to break the distribution chain from China first. This is war from China against America now.

The question is how long are America going to let China keep trying to kill them without taking the fight to them, going on the offense only to defend themselves from these attacks?

Come on.

This is war.

This comes into the supply chain issues in the world too.

Fentanyl is surely now the world’s most lethal and deadly drug.

And an indirect way China are trying (but will fail) to kill America and Americans.

Respectfully, wake up you dummy Biden and America.

With respect, they are trying to kill you stupid.

Not tomorrow, or in a few weeks.


Right now they are trying to do that.

Destroy them.

Some of the economic moves very cool last week.

That cracked the Chinese Communist party well, again.

Not enough though.

There is no negotiating with evil.

Need to set China back at least 30 or 40 years in all aspects in their economy for them to get the message this time.

This war against the world and then subsequent spread of Communism is more subtle and complex than some think.

Communism isn’t a rules based order.

More a power based one.

Fine some nations saying they are neutral in all this but when the Communism eventually arrives at their door they’ll think different then.


100 per cent.


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